The Gallery of Costume is a private collection of Victorian gowns and accessories, which has been gathered together by Kay over a period of about 35 years.
 The original gowns and accessories alone number in excess of five hundred items.  Because Kay has a police that original garments should never be worn it has necessitated painstaking research and manufacture of reproduction gowns.
The collection also contains a large number of reference books and fashion plates of the period.
In addition there are a small number of medieval reproduction costumes.
From time to time Kay holds a series of workshops. Should you wish to be involved in  one of these, or would like to view part of the collection Kay can be contacted on the number below, and a mutual arrangement may be made. Because of the size of the collection it is not possible to see it all in one day, so any request will have to be specific in its nature, to enable the appropriate items to be withdrawn from store.

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Contact Kay +61 (08)84491948

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