Year 1810-1814


Coat Fitted, single or double-breasted, cut-away fronts, M-notched collars, fitted  sleaves with or without cuffs, gathered sleave heads, wool cloths.
Waistcoat Fitted, Single-breasted, high fastenings, stand collar, embroidered silks.
Pantaloons Fitted, ankle-length, cotton.
Trousers Fitted, tight to ankle, stirrups under instep, cotton.
Shirt High collar points, frilled fronts and cuffs, fine linen.
Colour Dark colours, Black, blue,  grey, brown, combination of black and bright colours, light colour trousers.
Accessories Top hats, stocks, leather gloves, short boots worn with spats, flat pumps, walking canes.


1811 - 1815

Skirts: As per1806-10, but ankle length. No trains. Trim at hem increasing, especially flounces and applied trim.

Bodices: Very high waist. High necklines and ruffs at neck.

Sleeves: Long, fuller sleeves, divided into compartments and tied down.


Deborah V. McKeown 2004

Where marked (JP) the text is by John Peacock from his book Men's Fashion: The Complete Sourcebook, 1996 Thames & Hudson Ltd, London. Reproduced by kind permission of Thames & Hudson Ltd, London.

Where marked * Picture and notes are based on notes from Dover Publications.