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Original Gowns

Comments by Kay Inverarity

6.          A young woman dressed in the very masculine/ military style fashionable in the mid 1880s. She wears a tall hat to accentuate her height. Her bodice fits tightly everywhere and the sleeves are three-quarter length. Of interest are the very sheer gloves, which she has pulled up over the cuffs of her sleeves, this is uncommon as gloves were usually worn under the sleeves.



7.        An early 1870s gown featuring wide bell shaped sleeves worn with undersleeves that have a wide cuff. This day gown probably consists of three pieces, A skirt, bodice, and over skirt drawn up to form the bustle at the back. Her hairstyle is typical for this time. The hair was piled up on the top of the head and hairpieces were often used to provide extra bulk.



8.     In this photo from the very end of the 1860s the woman’s hairstyle is beginning to show the characteristics of the 1870s, it has some fullness at the top. She also appears to be wearing a jet chain and mourning broach.


9.   A woman dressed in a day gown from about 1877. The line of the gown is becoming more vertical and the bustle has begun to collapse, the fullness has now slipped down the skirt. It is cut in the princess style with no waist seams. In this photo the transition to the long slender line of 1879-80 is incomplete, the skirt still requires some form of tournure to support the back fullness.

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