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Original Gowns

Comments by Kay Inverarity

16.  A young woman wearing a day gown from the early 1880s. The use of decorative ruched panels was a popular feature between 1878 and 1883.


17.    Another early 1880s gown showing the popular long cuirass bodice and tied-back tubular skirt. This gown has an over drape edged with chenille fringing and a vertical ruched front panel on the under skirt. She wears a severe hairstyle that was common at the time. Lockets on heavy decorative chains are commonly seen in photos of the early1880s. The item in her left hand is the handle of a parasol.


1.   Queen Victoria: Wearing an 1850s evening dress. Note the very large jewellery, this was fashionable for eveningwear until the late 1890s.

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